Special Education

To ensure quality support we must limit our intake of new learners. We are full for the 2023-2024 school year. Please apply on March 1st 2024 if you are interested in joining us next year.

Face 2 Face

RCOA is an inclusive learning community that encourages learners with diverse needs to participate, connect and learn in a wide variety of in-person Elementary and High School classes, clubs, and activities.  We also welcome learners to take part in virtual LiveStream clubs and classes.  Special Education Coordinators and Special Education Assistants come alongside to support and encourage success.  


Technology offers wonderful learning opportunities for learners of all abilities. Choose adapted online courses or incorporate a wide variety of assistive technology, specialized online subscriptions, computer software, laptops and tablets into your child’s unique special education program.

Home Learning

We partner with families to create unique, individualized, home-based special education programs using an eclectic mix of specialized learning resources, community therapy programs and inclusive activities.

“I believe in…. supporting special education learners by coming alongside and collaborating with parents who are truly the experts when it comes to knowing their child’s unique learning needs.”

Marilyn Smith
Special Education Director

Specialized Curriculum Advising & Homelearning Consultation

Our Home Learning Consultants in partnership with your Special Education Coordinator will help you design an individualized program right for your child. We consider your child’s strengths, learning needs, your family dynamics, personal philosophies, and goals. 

Experience the Support of a Special Education Coordinator

Your Special Education Coordinator is a member of your Christian Community! They will visit with you and your child in your home, work closely with your child’s Special Education Assistants, therapy providers, and class teachers.  They will partner with you to advocate for your child’s needs. 


All learners have access to the free loan of many resources, RCOA also allocates funds for community sports programs, music and art lessons and needed technology that forms every child’s educational program through RCOA. 

In addition, learners with identified special education needs may have access to specialized learning supports if they qualify for Special Education Grants.   

You will be offered the opportunity to have your child join in the fun of learning together in our inclusive community programs with helpful supports in place

RCOA Families have free access to a wide variety of resources

Core Resources
Digital Units & Kits
Supporting Resources

RCOA SE Families also have free access
to specialized resources in the SpEd Library

Our desire for excellence means that our department fills quickly. We encourage new families to apply on March 1, 2023.

Our Special Education and Learning Support programs
are now FULL and officially CLOSED. 

Therefore, we are not processing any student applications requiring LS or SE supports for the 2023/24 school year.