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BC certified teacher support

Teaching from a Christian Worldview

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Home Educating with RCOA

Enrollment in Online Learning (OL)

At RCOA, parents play a crucial role in their child’s education, receiving professional guidance and support from certified teachers. Our school community offers a diverse range of onsite and virtual programming options, along with access to extensive physical and digital resources through our Lending Libraries and Online Subscriptions. Each student is allocated a Resource & Program Activities Budget for third-party services, consumables, and other school-related resources. For detailed information, please visit the respective program pages.

Parents are encouraged to consider the following:

  • Our teachers utilize various electronic tools, including Learning Management Systems, to facilitate student learning through voice and video communication, internet conferencing, email, and phone calls. Parents are responsible for facilitating this process and ensuring access to the required technology.
  • Our dedicated teachers work closely with learners, assisting in curriculum planning and delivery, selecting course materials, assessing progress, and providing report cards.
  • Students have the option to complete their entire K-12 program at home or combine it with other learning options.
  • Kindergarten to Grade 9 students enrol in a full course load at one school, while Grades 10 to 12 students can choose courses from multiple online learning or campus schools simultaneously.

Available for select high school courses and associated onsite & virtual programming to learners enrolled in other schools.

This is an alternative method of teaching offered outside the B.C. educational system.

To apply online to RCOA for either option