Learning at home with RCOA

Partnering with parents by offering…

Teaching from a Christian Worldview

BC certified teacher support

Options for onsite & virtual programs

Home Educating with RCOA

Enrollment in Online Learning (OL)

At RCOA, parents play a crucial role in their child’s education, guided by certified teachers. We offer a range of onsite and virtual program options, along with extensive physical and digital resources through our lending libraries and online subscriptions. Enrolled families have access to a resource and program activities budget to apply to RCOA onsite and virtual programming, and if funds remain, third-party services and resources to support their child’s program. For details, visit the program pages.

Flexible Learning

Students have the option to complete their entire K-12 program at home or combine it with other RCOA learning options. Check out our onsite and virtual program options!  

Teacher Collaboration

Our dedicated teachers work closely with students, assisting in curriculum planning and delivery, selecting course materials, assessing progress, and providing report cards. 

Tech Access

Our teachers facilitate student learning through various tech tools and online learning management systems. Parents are responsible for facilitating this process and ensuring access to the required technology. 

Grade-Specific Details

Kindergarten to Grade 9 students enroll in a full course load at one school, while Grades 10 to 12 students can choose courses from multiple online learning or campus schools simultaneously. 

Cross enrolment in BC enables you to enroll your grade 8 to 12 students in select RCOA high school courses and associated onsite & virtual programming while they are still enrolled in another school.

*Our Special Education (SE) and Learning Support (LS) departments reach capacity with our enrolled students. As a result, we are unable to accept cross-enrolled children with SE or LS needs.

Available for select high school courses and associated onsite & virtual programming to students enrolled in other schools.

All children in B.C. have the right to be educated. Parents who choose registered homeschooling must register their child before September 30th of each year.
Homeschooling programs are:

  • Not supervised by a BC certified teacher
  • Not required to meet provincial standards
  • Not funded or inspected the Ministry of Education & Childcare
  • Not eligible for the BC Dogwood Graduation Certificate

This is an alternative method of teaching offered outside the B.C. educational system. As of September 2024, RCOA onsite and virtual programming options are reserved for enrolled students.

To apply online to RCOA for either option