RCOA is a BC Group 1 Independent Online School. As such, we qualify for 50% of the funding allocated to Public Online Schools by the provincial government. While this funding helps support our operations, it falls short of covering all associated costs. 
To maintain the high quality of our educational programs and services, we supplement our income through tuition and fees for additional offerings. We are dedicated to keeping these financial obligations as low as possible, recognizing the significant time and resources families invest in home education. 
We offer flexible payment options. After paying tuition and an initial deposit, ministry funds are allocated to classes or clubs that you sign up for. The remaining balances owing can be paid in full or in 10 monthly payments. This approach helps to keep home education accessible and affordable. 

Our $25 application processing fee allows a thorough review of applications with multiple departments involved in reviewing and onboarding. This includes consultation, evaluating prerequisites, and learning support assessments. 

  • Returning Enrolled Students
  • Kindergarten students from returning families 
  • Homeschool Registrations 
  • New Enrolled Online Learning Applications 
  • Students returning to RCOA after being enrolled elsewhere for the current year 
  • Registered Homeschool students transitioning to Enrolled Online Learning 
  • New and Returning Cross-Enrolled Status Students