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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about our services and procedures in our comprehensive FAQ section. 

Do we need to live in BC for my child to be a student with RCOA?

As long as you retain a BC residence, you can enrol or register with RCOA. You may temporarily live elsewhere or travel during the school year for work or pleasure. 

What is the difference between online learning and registered homeschooling?

With online learning, your child will be supported and guided by a BC Certified Teacher as they work towards completing the required learning objectives for their grade, as set by the BC Ministry of Education & Child Care (ECC). Additionally, your child is enrolled in an online learning program, they may receive funding that can be directed towards onsite and virtual programming, purchasing learning resources, or participating in lessons and activities run by an organization outside of RCOA. 


On the other hand, if you choose registered homeschooling for your child, you need to register them with a certified school by September 30. Registrations after September incur a $100 per family fee. The program your child follows will be outlined by your family and not be monitored by or accountable to the Ministry. Registered homeschool children do not receive funding from the Ministry. 

For more detailed information on home learning options, you can visit the following site: https://rcoa.ca/home-learning-options/. 

Can we apply to become an enrolled online student if we have been previously Homeschool Registered and do not have official report cards?

K – 7: If you don’t have a recent report card to share, our admissions team will request information about your programs and resources to assess readiness.

8-12: Without a recent report card, a literacy or numeracy assessment may be required, at a cost of $100 per assessment. Assessments may include assessing some work samples submitted or a placement test. Following the assessment, applications will be considered based on our ability to support your child’s learning needs in our programs.

What learning options are available? Can I choose a combination of methods?

At RCOA, families have the flexibility to either complete a comprehensive K-12 program at home or combine it with onsite or virtual programming options to create a blended program. We provide three learning formats to cater to the diverse needs of your child: online, onsite, and virtual programming. 

  1. Online programming: This option allows your child to learn at their own pace while being supervised by a dedicated teacher who will guide and assess their progress. Regular communication and support will be provided to ensure a successful learning experience. 
  2. Virtual programming: With virtual programming, your child will participate in live, interactive classes conducted by a teacher through Zoom. This format offers a structured and collaborative learning environment where students actively engage and interact with their peers and teacher. 
  3. Onsite programming: We offer a variety of onsite programming including Partners in Education (PIE), Community Clubs, Exploration Clubs, and Homeroom HUB. Your child will have the opportunity to learn alongside their peers and a qualified teacher in a physical setting. This option promotes social interaction, hands-on learning experiences, and group activities. Many onsite programs have a virtual component. 

We understand that your child’s learning needs are unique, and you have the flexibility to choose a combination of these learning methods that best suits their educational journey and preferences. 

For details on our learning options, click here for Elementary and here for High School. 

Will my child receive feedback and report cards throughout the year?

Your enrolled/cross enrolled child will receive regular feedback, grades, and report cards to track their progress. Feedback in the form of comments will be provided on the platforms where your child submits their learning samples. These comments will help assess their performance and provide guidance for improvement. In addition, report cards will be posted on OTIS, our online tracking and information system, at the end of each of the three terms. These report cards will provide a comprehensive overview of your child’s academic achievements, strengths, areas for improvement, and overall progress. 

We believe that regular feedback and assessment are crucial in supporting your child’s learning journey. They allow us to monitor their growth, celebrate their successes, and provide targeted support where needed. 

How will we communicate our learning with our teachers?

For elementary (grades kindergarten to 7) children, we utilize Seesaw, an online platform, as a means of communication. Your child will have the opportunity to upload a minimum of 2-3 samples of their learning per week, accompanied by a written or audio comment that describes their progress and achievements. This allows the teacher to provide personalized feedback and support based on their submissions. If your child is enrolled in RCOA’s PIE (Partners in Education) program, they will upload learning samples to their home learning support teacher every 2 weeks and to their PIE teacher as requested.  

High school students (grades 8 to 12) submit weekly samples of learning through the Brightspace learning management system. This system provides a centralized platform where your child can showcase their learning progress to their teachers. It enables teachers to provide timely feedback, track their academic development, and offer support when needed. 

We believe that open communication between parents, students, and teachers is vital to ensure a successful learning experience. By utilizing these online platforms, we aim to create an interactive and collaborative environment where you and your child can actively engage with their teachers and share their learning journey. 

Can my registered homeschool child participate in RCOA’s onsite & virtual opportunities?

Homeschool Registered students cannot participate in our programming. If you wish to participate in RCOA programming, we encourage you to consider enrolling as an online student.

Does RCOA send resource packages for a full year of learning?

RCOA does not send pre-chosen resource packages to our kindergarten to grade 7 families. However, we are here to help you and your child select the best resources for their learning journey. We work together to develop a customized Student Learning Plan (SLP) that outlines the curriculum and resources for each subject throughout the school year.  

For children in grades 8 to 12, resources are prescribed in our online courses and provided on loan through our library.  

 RCOA offers an extensive library for our enrolled families. You and your child will have access to a wide range of materials and books to support their learning throughout the entire year. For our registered families, there is also a limited library available. 

If I enrol and then withdraw from RCOA, will I be refunded?

If you enrol your child in RCOA and later decide to withdraw, refunds are possible, but it depends on the timing of your withdrawal. If you choose to withdraw from enrolment with RCOA on or before September 30th, you will be required to repay any expenditures incurred. However, if you withdraw on or after October 1st, you will be eligible for half of the Ministry funds and will need to repay any expenditures that exceed that amount. 

Any deposits paid for onsite classes are non-refundable. 

In the event you withdraw from any programming after July 1st, you will be responsible for one month’s payment. 

At RCOA, we understand that circumstances may change, and we strive to provide clarity and transparency when it comes to our refund policies. 

How do I access learning resources?

Our enrolled families enjoy full access to the extensive RCOA library, which includes resources for grades kindergarten to grade 7 and supports our online courses for grades 8 to 12. For our registered families, a limited library is available, requiring a $100 deposit. 

In addition to our physical library, we offer online resources. With subscriptions and access to SORA, our digital book platform, your child can explore and utilize a wealth of digital resources. These resources further enrich their learning experience. 

Does RCOA offer events/activities outside of a classroom setting?

We organize a variety of events and activities throughout the year to provide your child with opportunities for social interaction, outdoor experiences, and hands-on learning. Some examples of these events include Community Skate, Zoom workshops for parents and for high school, Cultus Lake Water Slides, Camp Imadene Welcome Back, as well as our Graduation Celebration and Ceremony.   

To participate in these events, sign your child up through OTIS, our online information tracking system. Details about registration and costs will be provided for each specific event. These events and activities are designed to complement your child’s learning journey and provide them with memorable experiences with their peers. 

How do the music, art, and sports lessons my child is taking apply to their learning goals?

These extra-curricular activities play an important role in enhancing your child’s overall learning experience and can contribute to their academic progress. They can be used to fulfill certain grade requirements and align with your child’s learning goals. To showcase involvement in these activities, your child has the option to submit photos and videos to their support teacher. This keeps the teacher informed about your child’s progress and development in their music, art, and sports lessons. 

 By integrating these activities into your child’s learning plan, you provide them with opportunities for skill-building, creativity, physical fitness, and personal growth. It’s a great way to foster their passion, explore their interests, and contribute to their well-rounded education. 

How can we connect with other online learning families for support and community?

At RCOA, we provide several opportunities for you and your child to connect with other home-learning families and build a supportive community. 

First, we host Zoom meetings and information sessions throughout the year, where families can participate in learning together. These virtual gatherings allow you to engage with other families, share experiences, and learn from one another. 

Families with children in grades 8-12 are invited to sign up for Community Connect Groups in the Island and Mainland regions. These groups serve as a platform for parents to connect, arrange shared transportation, and plan social opportunities. The information about these groups is shared only with those who sign up. To join, enrolled and registered families can visit OTIS, our online information tracking system. 

Additionally, RCOA sponsors events like skating, providing opportunities for families to come together and enjoy activities as a community. During onsite programming, we encourage you as parents to meet and connect with other parents during pick-up and drop-off times, fostering relationships and support networks. 

To stay connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Our social media platforms provide a space for sharing information, resources, and updates, and they also serve as a means to connect with other RCOA families. 

We understand the importance of a supportive community in the home-learning journey, and we strive to create opportunities for you and your child to connect, share experiences, and build relationships with like-minded families. 

Where will I find RCOA on social media?

To stay connected and up-to-date with the latest happenings, we encourage you to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Our social media platforms provide a space for sharing information, resources, and updates, and they also serve as a means to connect with other RCOA families. 

What happens in Partners in Education (PIE)/Homeroom HUB classes and how is this different from Community Clubs?

In Partners in Education (PIE) for grades kindergarten to 7 and Homeroom HUB for grades 8-9, your child will experience a dynamic and engaging learning environment led by a teacher. These classes teach the BC Learning Standards for Science, Social Studies, Language Arts, and Applied Design, Skills, and Technology (ADST) through interactive and project-based activities, all taught from a Christian worldview. Homeroom HUB also weaves the learning standards for grades 8 and 9 Career Life Education into the activities. 

Throughout the classes, your child will actively participate in hands-on activities and assignments, which they will complete between classes. Once completed, these are submitted to the PIE/HUB teacher for grading and valuable feedback. This ensures that your child receives personalized guidance and support to enhance their learning experience. 

On the other hand, Community Club for kindergarten to grade 7 serves as an excellent complement to the PIE or home learning program. In Community Club, each term thematic studies integrate science, social studies, and language arts into a variety of engaging activities that reinforce core topics. Additionally, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), ADST (applied design, skills, and technology), career education, health, and arts education activities are incorporated throughout the year. Community Clubs do not assign additional activities for home. 

By offering these different learning options, we strive to meet the diverse needs and preferences of families. Partners in Education (PIE)/Homeroom HUB classes provide a comprehensive and focused approach to key subjects, while Community Club offers a well-round experience that supplements your child’s home learning. 

What is the cost to enrol in RCOA’s grades kindergarten to 9 online program?

There is a $200 per child tuition per year to a maximum family amount of $600.  

You will receive $600 in funding from the BC Ministry of Education & Childcare. The funding amount is determined based on enrollment before September 30th. Therefore, we encourage you to complete the enrollment process in a timely manner to ensure eligibility for the appropriate funding options.  

 If your child participates in RCOA’s onsite & virtual programming, the Ministry funding is automatically allocated toward onsite and virtual programming. If you decide not to participate in RCOA’s programming, the BC Ministry funding will still be available for you to utilize. You can direct these funds towards resources, activities, and materials that align with your child’s educational needs and interests. 

Does RCOA offer access to online subscriptions?

We provide access to a variety of online subscriptions for our enrolled families. These subscriptions are designed to enhance your child’s learning experience and provide them with additional resources and tools. The following online subscriptions are available: 

  1. Mystery Science 
  2. Brain POP (also available in French) 
  3. Enchanted Learning 
  4. Generation Genius 
  5. Currents 4 Kids (grades 3-7) 
  6. RightNow Media Math Seeds (grades K-3) 
  7. Mathletics (grades 4-7) 

These subscriptions cover a range of subjects and cater to different grade levels, ensuring that your child has access to age-appropriate and engaging educational content. 

How long can my high school (grade 8 to 12) student take to complete a course?

Your child has 10 months, from September to June 15th, to complete each RCOA course. 

Does RCOA require placement tests to sign up for certain high school courses? What if I am coming in without a report card?

To ensure proper course placement for your child, we may require a course placement test or readiness assessment if there is no official report card or transcript demonstrating successful completion of any necessary pre-requisite courses. You can refer to our online course catalogue and select any course to verify if there are specific pre-requisites. Each placement test incurs a fee of $100 per ‘course’. Please note that a ‘course’ can be a single subject like Math or a combination such as English Language Arts or Social Studies, as determined by the school. 

If RCOA is our School of Record (SOR), can my child take courses at other schools plus does RCOA accept cross enrolled students?

If RCOA is your School of Record, your grade 8 to 12 child has the opportunity to cross enrol for courses at other schools. This allows your child to access a broader range of educational opportunities and tailor their learning experience to their interests and goals. 

Cross enrollment is managed by your family, and you will need to plan and coordinate this option with the other school. All school records and final grades for cross enrolled courses will be submitted to the School of Record, which is RCOA.

RCOA also offers cross enrollment options for grade 8 to 12 children who are attending other schools. This means that if your child is enrolled in another school as their school of record, they have the opportunity to take one or more courses offered by RCOA. In this case, the other school which serves as the School of Record will be responsible for reporting to the Ministry of Education & Childcare on behalf of your child.

Can my child, who is in grade 9, take a grade 10 course?

If your child successfully completes a Grade 9 course before March 15th, they may be eligible to request enrollment in the consecutive Grade 10 course. To explore this option, please arrange a meeting with an admissions advisor by emailing admissions@rcoa.ca. They will provide guidance and discuss the necessary steps for your child to enroll in the Grade 10 course. 

How will we plan for post-secondary?

In grades 10-12, you and your child will have the opportunity to work closely with a high school admissions advisor to plan for post-secondary education. Together, you will discuss your child’s interests, career aspirations, and post-secondary goals. 

During these discussions, you will create a Grad Planner, which is a working document that outlines your child’s intended course selections and academic pathway. The Grad Planner serves as a guide to help you and your child make informed decisions about the courses that will best align with their post-secondary plans. 

This planning process helps ensure that your child is on track to meet their post-secondary goals and maximize their opportunities for future success. 

What is the cost to enrol in RCOA’s graduation program courses?

RCOA offers a wide range of courses for grades 10 to 12 that fulfill the BC Graduation Program requirements. You can find the available course options for your child by clicking here. The tuition fee for grades 10, 11, and 12 students who have RCOA as their school of record (SOR) is $200, regardless of the number of courses taken in a year. This payment is added to the K-9 family maximum tuition payment of $600 for families with children in both grade groupings. Courses for students turning 18+ in a school year and/or in the Adult Dogwood program are $80 per course. 

What post-secondary institutions have RCOA graduates attended?

RCOA graduates have successfully attended a variety of post-secondary institutions. Examples include and are not limited to the University of Victoria, the University of British Columbia, Trinity Western University, the University of the Fraser Valley, Capernwray, the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Columbia Bible College, Vancouver Island University, Prairie Bible College, BCIT, and Simon Fraser University. 

We are proud of our graduates’ achievements and their ability to pursue higher education at reputable institutions. Our comprehensive education program, along with the support and guidance provided by you, the parents, and our dedicated teachers, prepares students for a successful transition to post-secondary studies and future career paths. 

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