Learning Support Services

Our K-12 Special Education and Learning Support Departments are currently waitlisted for the upcoming 2024/25 school year. Applications for spots in these departments will be considered as space becomes available.


RCOA Students (K-12) connect and learn in our wide variety of inclusive programming.  We are committed to providing adaptations to support your student’s success in various contexts. 


Technology can offer wonderful learning opportunities for students of all abilities. We make available adapted online courses or help you incorporate a wide variety of assistive technology, specialized online subscriptions, and technology on loan.

Home Learning

We partner with families to create unique, individualized, home-based education programs using an innovative and specialized resources, community therapy programs and inclusive activities. 

We believe in the unique God-given potential of every child. We are committed to providing support and guidance, ensuring every student can pursue their potential, even in the face of learning challenges. Through diagnostic assessments, tailored support plans, and a nurturing community, we strive to empower students to overcome obstacles and thrive academically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Learning Support Services Team

Specialized Curriculum Advising & Homelearning Consultation

The Learning Support Department is a branch of RCOA that assists home learning support teachers and home learning parents in the task of meeting students’ diverse needs.  


Learning Support Services provides coordinated services, which can include consultation, collaborative planning, assessment, reporting of progress, as well as other unique services. Learning Support Coordinators have been specially trained to give program suggestions and to facilitate planning among the team.  

Working Together

If families have concerns about their child’s learning, parents are encouraged to collaborate with their Home Learning Support Teacher (K-7) or Homeroom Teacher (8-12) to ensure they have the support they need. 

Your child may join in the fun of learning together. We strive to be inclusive in local community programs and other group opportunities.

ROCA Families have free access to a wide variety of resources

Core Resources
Downloadable Learning Exploration & Activity Packs
Supporting Resources

Our desire for excellence means that our department fills quickly. We encourage new families to apply on March 1, 2024.