Discovering The Promised Land

Journey with us to Israel

Missions will resume when travel restrictions cease

  • To embrace God working in our lives by discovering the historical roots of our faith
  • To encourage, serve, and bless the Jewish people as we pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the saving grace of Christ
  • To minister to the largely unsaved local populace through a volunteer service partnership with Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem
  • To build relationships with Arab and Israeli Christian students at Nazareth Baptist School and serve the local community through various volunteer service projects

Open to students from grades 10, 11 & 12

Serving with humility, interactive historical study, growing the roots of our faith

Exploring Gethsemane, reflecting at The Temple Mount, discovering the empty Garden Tomb

Students may earn up to 8 credits:

  • Comparative Religions 12 (4 Credits)
  • Explorations in Social Studies 11 (4 Credits)
  • Comparative Cultures 12 (4 Credits)

$5999 CDN* All Inclusive


  • Round trip airfare from Vancouver to Tel Aviv on El Al Israel Airlines flying non-stop from Toronto.
  • 15 nights hotel accomodation
  • 8 days of historical discovery
  • 5 days of volunteer service with Bridges for Peace and Nazareth Baptist School
  • Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinners included
  • All transportation included
  • Access to Free Wi-Fi
  • All fees, transfers, taxes, and gratuities included
  • Food on travel days and spending money not included
  • Price and itinerary subject to change

Trips like these are life changing
and life affirming

An experience like this is worth the expense because it creates a massive exclamation mark on much that has been taught at home, at school and our church community. It takes all the words and books and sermons … and creates a visual & experiential feast such that our young people, and all of us that are “young at heart”, really “get it” … sometimes for the first time in their/our lives. Past teaching comes together in a very practical and full life-on experience. Bringing scriptures to life.

2020 Trip Details

If you have questions, Lauren Tiechrob at , RCOA’s Israel Mission’s Coordinator

Come!  Join us in discovering the The Promised Land

  • RCOA Israel Fundraising Letter to be posted in September


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