Discovering The Promised Land

Journey with us to Israel

Are you a student in grade 10, 11, or 12 looking to cement the foundation of your faith by visiting the world’s most holy sites?
We are heading to Israel in March 2024 and you could join us!
Besides the very good five reasons listed on this Tourist Israel Blog, we recommend Israel for the following reasons:
  • To embrace God working in our lives by discovering the historical roots of our faith
  • To encourage, serve, and bless the Jewish people as we pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the saving grace of Christ
  • To minister to the largely unsaved local populace through a volunteer service partnership with Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem
  • To build relationships with Arab and Israeli Christian students at Nazareth Baptist School and serve the local community through various volunteer service projects
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Open to students from grades 10, 11 & 12

Serving with humility, interactive historical study, growing the roots of our faith

Exploring Gethsemane, reflecting at The Temple Mount, discovering the empty Garden Tomb

Trips like these are life changing
and life affirming

An experience like this is worth the expense because it creates a massive exclamation mark on much that has been taught at home, at school and our church community. It takes all the words and books and sermons … and creates a visual & experiential feast such that our young people, and all of us that are “young at heart”, really “get it” … sometimes for the first time in their/our lives. Past teaching comes together in a very practical and full life-on experience. Bringing scriptures to life.


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Israel 2019: A Testimonial

The trip, the memories, the breakthroughs, exceeded our expectations. To experience the Holy Land with a group of incredible teens and adults was fantastic. Our days went by quickly and were jammed packed with between 12,000 and 20,000 plus steps a day. Yes, I kept track as I was stuffing myself with falafels and delicious Middle Eastern food/delicacies.

We fell in love with Israel and received a heavy education not only on our faith but the country and its geopolitical history. Several of the evenings we would unpack our experiences of the day in a group sharing which created so much more insight and perspective. Some laughter … and sometimes tears.

After this experience, I believe that going to Israel for such a tour should be a part of the curriculum for any Grade 11/12 student in a Christian based faith school. It isn’t an expense but rather an investment into growing in our faith, understanding its roots and tapping into a three-dimensional view of the bible. It was a very righ experience for our family.

Dennise, Lauren and their hubbies made this a first-class opportunity.

Thank you!
Caroline Payne and Family