A Missional/Educational Adventure In Guatemala

Come with us from Mid-February to mid-March

Designed for students who wish to study Spanish and to understand Global Missions. Participating students will actually complete two courses for 8 credits towards their graduation while living and working in Guatemala.

Open to students from grades 10 to 12

Hands-on practical service, historical studies and loads of fun

Meet and live with a Guatemalan family for two weeks

Students will earn 8 credits:

Study and work with a group of 10 students in a safe environment

$2000 USD plus airfare

(price subject to change)

Trips like these are life changing and life affirming

An experience like this is worth the expense because it creates a massive exclamation mark on much that has been taught at home, at school and our church community. language-lessons.jpgIt takes all the words and books and sermons … and creates a visual & experiential feast such that our young people, and all of us that are “young at heart”, really “get it” … sometimes for the first time in their/our lives. Past teaching comes together in a very practical and full life-on experience.