Waiting on the Lord

After two and a half years of waiting on the subdivision approval of a lot and various permits, my husband Tim and I are finally building a house.  Waiting to lay the foundation of our new home has given us many opportunities to build a foundation of waiting on and hearing from the Lord.  Though the waiting and re-evaluating of our hopes and dreams for this home was tough, we look back and see God’s hand on it all.  And as everything falls into place, we are humbled to realize again that our God is alive and so very detailed and faithful.

Throughout the duration of this experience, we have chatted daily with our three sons about hearing God and the importance of being obedient to God’s direction for our lives through the quiet whispers He offers us.  Tim and I have several God Stories to share with our kiddos, some of which demonstrate a wandering in the desert when we didn’t make hearing God a priority, and others where obedience to God’s direction produced much fruit.  Teaching our boys that God does speak and is speaking to them daily is a priority to us as a result.  With permission from my sons, here is one little snippet in our collection of ‘Croswell God Stories’ that I hope you find joy in reading.

Our middle son is particularly eager to develop his ability to hear God and asks every night for God to speak to Him.  He can get frustrated when he doesn’t feel that he is hearing God.  Recently, he and his older brother had a confrontation that resulted in my middle son rushing to his bedroom and strongly closing his door.  I joined him in his room where he shared how angry he felt with his brother.  I suggested he spend some time in God’s Word until he felt settled.  Moments later he rushed out of his room letting us know that he heard from God.  Such delight!  As it happens, he opened his Bible to Matthew 5:22 where he read these words: Do not be angry at your brother 

How amazing is our God that He would allow my boy an opportunity to build his testimony with a God Story of such simplicity, just how and when he needed it?  I am grateful.  I encourage you to talk often with your kiddos about what it means to hear God.  We are raising a generation of spiritual warriors and being sensitive to the whispers of God is a key part of their armour.  

I am also reminded of the verse Isaiah 40:31 that says, “…they that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength”.  

Some of you may feel you are searching for answers right now.  Some of you may be seeking clarity, wanting direction, or comparing your confidence to that of others.  I exhort you to take some time to wait on the Lord, which is different from just waiting.  Seek first His kingdom.  Rest in the promise that He hems us in, behind and before, and He lays His hand upon us.  And please feel free to reach out to your home learning support teacher for support in prayer.  It is our honour to walk with you in the waiting and to celebrate with you when you hear from Him.