Capturing Community Class: Victoria

We are blessed at Victoria Community Classes each week by 88 wonderful children.  It was a great first term.  We enjoyed a wide variety of activities and learning opportunities over the 7 weeks of classes and look forward to Term Two in the new year. 

The first term, we enjoyed morning songs and role plays during our devotions as we learned about the books of the Bible and the smaller sections that the Bible is broken into (Books of History, Poetry, etc.).  The Bible characters came to life during one of our class times when each child lined up in order of books.  Each was dressed up as the main character in the book and held a sign identifying the book he/she represented.  It was a wonderful visual of the stories in the Bible.

Science experiments are always a favourite!  We learned in hands-on ways by making homemade pickles and bread.  Along the way, we experimented with interesting mixtures and learned as we went.  We even experimented with fire!  If you walked into the Grade 1/2 class you would immediately be whisked away into Chemistry Camp.

We can look forward to many wonderful learning opportunities in Term Two at Victoria Community Classes!