Use technology to go back to the past!

Once every couple of years I have this yearning to abandon all my devices and internet and go live in pioneer times. I re-read all the Little House books, I go on a canning and jam making binge, and I talk about getting some chickens, and switching to The Prairie Primer for a year of our homeschooling journey.

This summer the Pioneer Pains hit hard! Luckily I found a couple of sources that help me live my fantasy through their commitment to historical accuracy.

My daughter (grade 2) loves watching videos about children in the past, and this is one of her favourites. Bonus: she never complains about the meager chores she has after watching this!

Going a little further back than the Pioneer times we have Jas. & Son. John, son of original owner James, is a second generation historical re-enactor. His family has run a catalog business that supplies folks with period reproductions as close to original material and building process as popular. For the last couple of years John has also been putting together some amazing videos that detail how to cook in the 18th century. I’m embedding my favorite video, but there are dozens to watch. Go and let your mouth water (and check out the portable soup!).


Primitive Technology is done by a fellow who lives in Australia. His videos feature no speaking, just the sounds of nature, and the power and tools of man to tame it. One of my favorite videos in his series is how to build a grass hut.

Do you have a favorite video series about the past? I’d love to see it! Comment below and let me know!