Summer Opportunities at the IMAX

THE VICTORIA IMAX ONLY – is offering a free ticket to all RCOA school age students between 6 & 15 years old.  These free IMAX tickets are available for 2017-18 RCOA students only (one ticket per student) on a first-come, first-serve basis.

This offer is good for IMAX viewings from June 30th to September 4th 2018.

To secure your FREE IMAX TICKET(S), email Diane ( or call the office at 250-592-1759 or 1-866-877-1737.

Mainlanders wishing to take advantage of this FREE VICTORIA IMAX offer can also take advantage of a special BC Ferries fare rate.  B.C. students, ages 18 and under (excluding Post Secondary students), with a [ferry letter from RCOA], can travel at a reduced rate to attend or participate in school related events (source).  Contact Diane at if you would like a ferry letter.  This will allow your children (students of RCOA) to travel on the ferry from the mainland to the island at a half price passenger fare rate.


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