Sneak Peek for Next Year: FreshGrade and Shipping Updates


FreshGrade Improvements: We are always on the lookout for ways that we can improve and make FreshGrade a great communication tool, and we appreciate the feedback many of you have given. Two improvements we are making are reducing the number of folders (topics) and simplifying topic names to make them easier for parents and learners to use. We can look forward to these improvements and more in the next school year!

Shipping and Resource Distribution: We are happy to announce that next year we will be providing four free shipments of resources to and from our RCOA library during the year.

*NEW! All resources (CORE, Loanable, and Kits) will be checked out for the full school year. Because of this improvement, we won’t be distributing curriculum at Community Classes next year.  However, we will be providing an opportunity to return resources through Community Classes, PIE classes, and at the Regent Christian Academy and Victoria offices at the end of the year. You can place orders with the library starting May 1st after your Curriculum Consultations are completed, and the first orders will be shipped mid-July.  Please allow two weeks for your order to be processed. Full details are available on the OTIS RCOA Library Form (K-9).