SEAs: Working to be the hands, heart, and feet of the Father

As the year winds down I’d like to pay tribute to some amazing folks who work on the front lines for RCOA to help support learners with special learning needs.  I’m talking about our SEA’s or “Special Education Assistants”.  RCOA employs approximately 50 of these  faithful and committed men and women to work with learners with special needs.

Throughout the week SEA’s work with RCOA elementary and high school students in their homes, in community classes, at F2F classes, clubs and activities, at local community programs, in therapy sessions, at work experience placements and in a variety of other environments. SEA’s are there for our students and their families to provide encouragement, assistance, physical, emotional, social, academic and behaviour supports. They go above and beyond to help learners achieve their potential and experience success. They work closely with home learning parents, special education teachers, therapists and our F2F teachers helping to carry out the individualized learning plans for each of their students.

Thank you SEA’s for being there for our families and learners! Thank you for all you do to provide children and teens with special needs with the types of supports they need to participate successfully in their school programs, to shine and feel good about themselves. You are  incredibly caring, patient, kind, persistent, wise, committed and strong. Your strength is seen as you continue to strive to help learners reach their goals even on the challenging days, when nothing seems to be working and as you you pray and walk with families through times of crisis and disappointment. Your insight, ideas and ability to see and celebrate each step towards progress your students make is inspiring and encouraging! Thank you!

I see not only the heart of our Heavenly Father in our SEA’s, but I see in so many ways that they are working to be His earthly hands and feet! They serve him humbly, without expectation of recognition or praise, through their wonderful service to RCOA learners with unique learning needs. As I close out this note of thanks, if someone you know has the skills and qualities it takes to be an SEA and might be interested in looking into one of the several positions we have available for in the new school year, please follow this link to apply online.


Being an SEA is a rewarding and enriching career with opportunities to walk alongside some of RCOA’s most wonderful and remarkable families!

Have a safe and fun filled summer!



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We are still accepting Registered Homeschool Applications (K-12) however as of October 1st this option will require a registration fee.

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Registered Homeschool Applications (K-12) accepted  but will require a registration fee as of October 1st