Ridge Meadows Community Classes Playing with Technology!

The Ridge Meadows Community Classes (RMCC) makes use of digital technology to enhance learning opportunities; playing Boomwhackers, using streamed ‘sheet music’ videos, seeing class notes on PowerPoint as part of a chemistry lesson, or most recently, using Mac laptops to gain skills in coding! Code Mobile visited the RMCC in January, as part of a federally funded and nation-wide effort to bring coding instruction to the classroom. Learners in kindergarten to grade 7 quickly gained coding skills which allowed them to build various digital creations (e.g., a fairly complex game!) Later, there were reports of some who took those coding skills and continued to create at home. Exciting stuff!


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FULL: K-9 Enrolment

LIMITED CAPACITY: 10-12  some courses are full
contact info@rcoa.ca before filling out an application

FULL: Special Education & Learning Service Programs

OPEN: Registered Home School Applications to be processed Sept 15th-30th