RCOA Minecraft Club 2019/2020

Term Three:  Sign up now!

Welcome to the fourth year of the RCOA Minecraft Club! We are excited to welcome all new and returning Minecraft learners!

Every week there will be a new academic challenge to be completed as an individual or as a team. Develop critical online communication, planning, research, and teamwork skills while playing in a safe closed environment with other RCOA students!

The Minecraft Club is open to learners in K-9 and will have a cap of 25 students per term. Our goal is to allow everyone to have a chance to participate, but if there are open spots your child can participate during multiple terms. Signup is First Come First Serve.

Sign up now for term 3 starting March 16th and going to June 19.


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Due to COVID-19 and recent reductions to online independent school funding, we are in the process of restructuring our funding and program models.  As a result, some parts of our website are undergoing updates.

We continue to welcome returning and new families to our community for the 2020/21 school year.