Raising a Generation of Warriors

Now (maybe even more than ever) our children are exposed to information from a plethora of sources from an ever-changing world that can be very secular in focus.  As parents and educators, we have a wonderful opportunity to enter into rich learning conversations with our children about the information that they may be, or are, exposed to.  This is a good thing!  However, access to so much information can be scary and overwhelming.

Natasha Crain is a blogger who is passionate about equipping parents to raise Christian children in a culture that often seems void of God’s vision.  She writes an article that provides tips for us as parents.  It is called 5 Things Christian Parents Must Do to Raise Godly Children in a Secular World.  Crain makes the following five points in the article:

  1. Parents must commit to continually deepening their understanding of Christianity.
  2. Parents must intentionally make “spiritual space” in their home.
  3. Parents must study the Bible with their children.
  4. Parents must proactively and regularly ask their kids what questions they have about faith.
  5. Parents must ask their kids the tough questions they don’t think to ask.

I encourage you to click on the link above to read the details she provides in the article for each of the five tips.  If we can educate ourselves about the challenges in faith that our children may be faced with, we can be armed with the knowledge needed to equip our babes with the armour of God.  We are raising warriors for such a time as this. God is on the move!  We need not fear.  Our God (is greater, our God is stronger)!

There are many amazing Christian apologists that provide us with information that shows Christianity is capable of withstanding the toughest of philosophical attacks.  Ravi Zacharias, William Lane Craig, and Lee Strobel are amongst my favourites.  I encourage you to have a look at the Case for Christ for Kids series.  Strobel answers questions about Christ with kid-friendly answers.

Let’s join arms and pray for our children.  Let’s pray that God will use us to teach them Truth.  Let’s pray for wisdom to know how to answer their questions.  Let’s rejoice.  The Holy Spirit in our children is the same size, the same power, the same God that sent His son to die on the cross: The God of the universe.  Let’s rise up this generation to be His warriors for eternity knowing that our God keeps His promises.  Forever.