PIE and Outdoor Explorations Open Houses and High School Shadow Days!

Early in February, we hosted Information Sessions and Open Houses at our Community Class locations. We enjoyed getting a chance to meet with you and your families and answer questions you had about our programs. Would you like to learn more about our programs?
During the week of February 24 – 28, RCOA will be hosting Open Houses at our Partners in Education and Outdoor Exploration locations at our Mainland and Island locations. If you’ve ever wondered what our classes are like, plan to attend one of these Open Houses! You’ll have an opportunity to view classes and ask questions about our programs.
If your child currently attends Grade 7 at RCOA or if they are in a different grade/school, we are excited to host them at our Island or Mainland High School Shadow Days! At each Shadow Day, students will be given a short tour of our High School classes and will be paired up with one of our current High School students. They will participate with their partner in the High School class, as well as meet some of our other High School students and teachers. Shadow Days will be held during the weeks of February 24 – 28 and March 2 – 6.
For more information and to RSVP:
If you are unable to attend one of our Open Houses but would like more information about our programs, we’d love to hear from you!


PIE – Jackie Kientz: jkientz@rcoa.ca

Outdoor Explorations – Kevin Laser: klaser@rcoa.ca

High School – Andrew Easson: aeasson@rcoa.ca


*Our Outdoor Explorations RSVP form also includes information about our Community Class Open Houses, held earlier this month. If you missed those and would like to learn more about Community Classes, Kevin would be happy to answer questions: klaser@rcoa.ca

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