Parent Survey Responses – Thank You!

We are grateful for the 179 of you that took the time to respond to the parent survey that was sent out in April.  Of those that responded, we had a wonderful mix of grades, communities, newbies and long standing RCOA folk represented.  It is an honour to be in partnership with you as we work together to fulfill our calling to be a support in the strengthening of your family as you school at home.

We have read over each response and want to stress how blessed we are by your words of affirmation as well as the kind way in which most all of you shared struggles and frustrations.   We are blessed by your outpouring of gratitude for the classes we offer, the resources we provide and the relationships you have with our staff. We understand your requests for more clarity in the questions on FreshGrade, the usability of FreshGrade, and ease of access to the information you need.  You have provided us with such incredibly valuable data and many great suggestions!

As we plan for the new school year, please know without a doubt that we are taking your responses seriously.  We look at each suggestion for change in light of the big picture and make decisions we feel will best serve the majority.  Every decision we make is not made lightly.  We discuss and ponder and pray and discuss some more.  We have justifiable reasons for all that we do.  We don’t always make perfect decisions or do things ‘best’…but boy do we ever try to get it right most of the time.

In my devotional time this week, I came across this statement made by Reggie Joiner: 100 years from now, the only thing that will matter in the life of a child is his/her relationship with God.  Such great perspective as we move forward.  May you be richly blessed in your journey as a home school family.  Would you join us in praying God’s wisdom as we continue to adjust our processes with intentionality to rise hearts for Christ?


Thank you for visiting our site. 
We are glad you did!


We are sorry to inform you that our Special Education and Learning Services programs are FULL for the 2021-2022 school year.  We strive to provide the best possible support for all of our families, and due to an overwhelming response, all of our resources are at capacity.  This means that at this time we are unable to admit any new learners with  designations or other learners requiring learning support assistance.

We don't take it lightly that you reached out to us.  We pray God's best for your family as  you seek other arrangements for your Fall programming.  

Blessings to you as you plan your year



Elementary (K-7) Program is nearing capacity; applications may be waitlisted

High School (8-12) Program is still accepting applications

Registered Homeschool Applications (K-12) accepted up to September 30th

Our Learning Support and Special Education Programs are FULL; no waitlist additions will be accepted