Outdoor Explorations Pilot – A Community Class Alternative (K-7)

In last month’s newsletter we introduced a new initiative called Forest Explorations Pilot Program.  We have already re-named it to “Outdoor Explorations” because we may someday decide to do a beach version or a theatre version or [inserts ideas hereJ].

There was an amazing expression of interest from 36 families representing 54 learners, so our next step was to provide more information to them to help these families make a more informed decision about being part of this pilot.  We emailed out to each of them the following information and asked them to let us know if they were still interested by responding to this second survey.  If you missed this opportunity, and still want to be considered, the form will be open until June 20th.

 The Vision: Outdoor Explorations is a place-based, outdoors, all-season, observation and play, and Creation-stewardship Community Class alternative.  Families who participate in this program will be transferred from their Community Class to this Pilot Outdoor Explorations Opportunity.

Location:  Aldergrove Lake Park

When:  Wednesdays from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm

Cost:  There is a $100 fee per child for the program that covers liability and location costs.  In addition, there are some supplies that families need to provide (e.g., rain pants, boots, etc.)

We would love to hear from you!  Click on the survey link above.

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