Outdoor Explorations: Our Outdoor Classroom Opportunity

Dennise Croswell (Principal), Roz Kerr (Director of Best Practices) and I enjoyed visiting with teachers, parents, and learners at our Outdoor Explorations class in Langley.  We joined the group at the park shelter for their warm-up games and circle time which included a prayer of thanksgiving to our Saviour, wildlife poetry recitations, and safety drill games. The learners enthusiastically shared how much they love the program, brimming over with excitement as we joined them on a walking tour of the park.

Mrs. Beugelink and Mrs. Bennik shared their love for Creation with the group as we observed and enjoyed the beauty of the world around us.  We were informed by the learners about various plants along the way and were educated on which are edible and which have been used in medicine. The learners were excited to help us find salmon under the bridge and a heron in the marsh.  We finished our visit by taking a group selfie after viewing the shelters the team had built from the windfall in the area. 

What a blessing it was to marvel at the wonders of God’s creation through observation, investigation, and collaboration.  God has blessed us so richly with an amazing place to live!  The learners had so much to share with us about all they are learning in their outdoor classroom.  We are excited to offer Outdoor Explorations as a community class alternative in more locations next year.  Is this something you feel would be a good fit for your child(ren)?  Let us know, by choosing the offered Outdoor Exploration Location as your Community Class choice when you re-enrol.

Wondering what Outdoor Explorations learners learn? Open this PDF to see the Fall Term Summary Outdoor Explorations Term 1 Summary Fall 2018