October Tech Tip

By Margriet Radke, Assistant Director of Technology Support

Have you ever used your phone to take a picture of your computer screen? There is a better way to share what you see on your screen – the Snipping Tool (PC) or Grab (Mac)!

The Snipping Tool is an incredibly useful Windows computer tool. This tool allows you to take a screenshot of part (or all) of your computer screen and is very quick and easy to use. You can then choose to copy the snip, save the snip or even edit it by adding writing or highlighting. Taking a screenshot, or a snip, of your work, is a great way to send evidence to your teacher on FreshGrade or Canvas. For example, you could use the snipping tool to send a picture of your Teaching Textbooks screen or to show an online quiz score from a website. It is also very helpful if you ever have a technical difficulty and want to email your teacher a picture of what you see.

To find the Snipping Tool on your Windows PC, simply type ‘Snipping Tool’ into the search bar in the bottom left corner and select the option for the Desktop App. This little box will come up. Once you click ‘New’, you can copy a portion of your screen very quickly and easily. 

Here is an example of a snip reminding you how to access FreshGrade from the top of the rcoa.ca website.

Are you a Mac user? Press the ‘Command + Shift + 4‘ keys on your Mac keyboard. This will allow you to take capture a selected area of your screen. Find a detailed ‘How to’ here. You could also use ‘Grab’, a tool similar to the Snipping Tool described above.