**NEW** BC New Education Grade 10 – 12 Courses

The introduction of the new BC Education curriculum into high school creates exciting opportunities for RCOA teachers and families to explore topics in depth and in ways that connect school to real life experiences. Although full implementation of the curriculum is scheduled for September 2018, RCOA created some Math and Applied Skills, Design and Technology courses for grade 10 and 11 learners to experiment with starting in September 2017.

Culinary Arts 10Textiles 10 and Woodwork 10 provide activities to encourage learners to explore the process of choosing a design, modifying the design, creating and sharing a product. Christian Stewardship focuses on the choice and use of materials. In Culinary Arts 10, learners use a variety of ingredients to make different types of foods. Learners are encouraged to seek out local ingredients. In Woodwork 10, learners identify characteristics of various woods and makes use of these in the construction of wood products. In Textiles 10, learners use various sewing techniques to reuse textiles and to create products from textiles. Learners are encouraged to consider the ethical and environmental issues in the textile industry.

Computer Studies 10 invites learners to explore the history of computer technology, internet safety and ethics, construct a computer and network and learn Python, a programming language. The culminating project asks the learner to write a computer program and share this product with others.

Foundations of Mathematics and Pre-Calculus 10 and Pre-Calculus 11 use Studyforge materials to deliver information. Studyforge presents material in engaging, interactive videos. As well, there are detailed solutions to practice problems and projects which challenge learners not just to use math in real-life scenarios but to explain their choice of problem solving.

Workplace Mathematics 10 and Workplace Mathematics 11 use embedded materials in mYrcoa to deliver information in a clear, step-by-step format.  There are video instructions for each concept and some incorporation of projects that are tied to real-life scenarios.

Active Living 11 is a brand new course which enables learners to explore and learn about recreation through participation in a variety of physical activities that fit their interests and passions. For learners wanting to participate in a variety of recreational activities during their graduation years, this course offers credit for demonstrating participation, refinement and organization of physical activities.

RCOA encourages learners to identify opportunities for cross-curricular projects and to discuss these with teachers. For example, ethics issues in Textiles 10 may tie in well with Humanities Social Justice assignments.

Of course, all of these courses include our friendly and intelligent RCOA teachers who will support the learner by answering questions and providing timely feedback. Got questions? Just ask!

We hope that you are just as excited to take these new courses as we are to offer them to you!

Tonya Waldock

Project Manager of RCOA’s Transition to the New Ed BC Plan 10 – 12


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