Minecraft Club: Sign up Now!


Perhaps your children are Minecraft experts or maybe they have never set foot in the virtual Minecraft world. Either way, come and join us as we design, build, collaborate, and explore! 

Minecraft Club provides learners with the opportunity to develop their critical and creative thinking skills as they plan and execute their own designs.  Minecraft club members will be given a weekly challenge that will require them to research, design, explore, build, and share — all in a safe and welcoming community of RCOA learners.   

Sign up for Minecraft Club by completing the RCOA Minecraft Club 2018/19 Form. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

When and where does the club meet?
The club is online.  You log onto the Minecraft platform when it works for you.  Weekly challenges will be emailed to all participants.   There are two terms remaining:  Term 2, Jan 7 – Mar 1  and Term 3, Mar 17 – Jun 14.  

How old do you have to be to participate?
This is a K-9 Club, so it is open to anyone in those grades. However, if your child cannot read and write yet, you will need to help him or her by reading the challenge and the team’s comments, and then typing his or her answer and thinking to share with the team.   

Which learning objectives does this club cover?
This club will offer opportunities to show learning across a variety of subjects.  There is potential for coverage in Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, Art, Career Education, Healthy Living, and Applied Design, Skills & Technology, depending on the term in which your child participates. 

Who will be on the server?
We have a PRIVATE RCOA only server. Only RCOA learners, and the supervisor, Mr. Kailem Boer, will be allowed access it. 

 What is the RCOA Minecraft world like?
The server world is set to the difficulty level  “peaceful”, so no monsters will appear.  Members will begin in a small town with a few buildings and are invited to begin building their own Minecraft house right away! 

What version of Minecraft is used?
The RCOA Minecraft club requires the Java Edition of Minecraft that can be downloaded from www.minecraft.net.  Feel free to use this official page for a list of the different versions of Minecraft. 

How much time does this club require each week?
I design the weekly challenge to take 2-3 hours per week, but as you know if your child already plays Minecraft, they’ll spend much more time than that if you let them! 

What is the cost of the Minecraft club?
Cost per term: $75 for the first child, $50 for a second child, and $25 for a third child.