Make mYrcoa Your Home Learning Go-To


mYrcoa is designed by RCOA teachers for YOU, our home learning families, with the goal of providing what you need, as you need, it with the click of your mouse.  Log in today!

Do you need a little help rounding out your at-home program?

  • We have a long list of RCOA-approved resources on our mYrcoa website. These include books and kits you can order from Library World as well as suggested reading for each grade level.

Are you looking for a little help with your health curriculum or lessons?

  • Try our NEW free printable online Health (available up to grade 7) and Career Education (available up to grade 3 with 4-7 coming soon) Mini Units available at mYrcoa. Click on Physical and Health Education from the primary or intermediate drop-down menus and scroll down to Curriculum Resources. These kits provide you with tools and guidance to help your children understand how to keep their bodies healthy.

If you need login information for mYrcoa, please contact your home learning support teacher.