Live-stream Course Format: What on Earth?

What on earth is ‘live-stream’ you might ask?

Live-stream provides high school learners in various geographical locations the opportunity to learn together through the wonders of technology.  It combines the rich teacher support of face-to-face (F2F) classes with some added flexibility of location and time that individualized courses can offer.  Live-stream learners attend class within Zoom (a video-conferencing platform) and participate in class real-time with their teacher and cohort (up to 10 students).   Although it is online, the classroom is still a social playground (supervised closely by a teacher) as lessons include breakout groups for learners to collaborate with one another on class assignments, hold discussions, and build relationships with peers around the province.  The lesson delivery differs from face-to-face classes as more technology-based resources are utilized, while continuing to build students’ technology literacy.

Over the past two years, face-to-face (F2F) classes in Duncan and Victoria have piloted live-stream as an add-on to the current class offerings.  Due to the success of these pilots, it was decided that we should develop this further as a course offering format.  Starting September 2018, live-stream will be offered to both Island and Mainland families at two different times:  One during the school day on a day when other F2F classes are not in session and one after the school day.  We are excited to offer this format for the upper level Maths and Sciences which will allow us to offer more teacher/peer support in a larger variety of courses in the senior grade levels.

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Registered Homeschool Applications (K-12) accepted  but will require a registration fee as of October 1st