Library Resources: An Increase in Free Shipments


We are pleased to announce that we are increasing the number of RCOA library resource shipments for the 2019/20 school year. Library resources are shipped to you from our Victoria office. We are now able to cover the cost of up to six (6) free shipments per family, per year! This includes resources shipped to you from our office or from you back to our office for a total of six shipments at no cost to you. If you need to use more than the six provided shipments, the shipping cost will be charged to your family account on OTIS. If you are in the Victoria area, you are always welcome to pick up and drop off resources in person.  In addition, we will offer a curriculum drop off day in June at two locations in the Lower Mainland, and two on the Island.

As a reminder, all RCOA Library resources can be checked out for the entire school year.  We do encourage you to return Support items and Kits when you have finished using them so that other families can borrow them too.

Below is our library resource return procedure. Vivian Roberts, Curriculum Resource Manager & Librarian K-9, has created a video that explains the steps as written below.  You can view the video here.

Returning Library World Resources to RCOA’s office:

  • Find a box that the resources will fit in snuggly. You may find it helpful to keep the box that your books arrive in for shipping your resources back later in the year. Place your books in the box, and stuff newspaper in to fill up any loose areas.
  • Using packing tape, tape up the box several times to ensure it is secure.
  • Measure your box in centimetres for length, width, and depth, and write these measurements down. Weigh your books in kilograms and record the amount. You can weigh your box at any Canada Post location if you don’t have a scale that will work at home. We will also have scales available at the Community Class locations, so you could bring your box when dropping off your kids, and weigh it there. Bring your box back home with you! Please do not leave it at Canada Post or the Community Class.  You will still need your shipping label.
  • Email Vivian Roberts ( the measurements for length, width, and depth (in centimetres), as well as the weight (in kilograms).
  • Vivian will create a Canada Post shipping label and email it to you. Print out the label, fold it in half with the address side showing, and tape securely onto the top of the box.
  • Drop your box off at the nearest Canada Post location for shipping back to the office.