Is your password ‘password’? Keeping your digital life secure

Over 600,000 Facebook accounts get hacked every day –  that is one every 140 milliseconds!  You often hear in the news about businesses and sites that get hacked where their data is compromised.  Here are some simple hints for your protection.

Some best practices:

Don’t use simple passwords that can be found in a dictionary and making your password backwards isn’t complex.

Make your passwords long and complex, taking longer to crack and using Spe&i#l ch@rac*e?s.

Change your password regularly and don’t share your passwords with anyone.

Make your password 10 character minimum.

Use a different password for each account

Use a passphrase or sentence


You can take a password challenge to put your Password to the test!  This will reveal how long it would take to hack your password.


Password managers are handy, especially if you use a different password for each account:

Lastpass is free, but there is a price to use the mobile.

Keypass is an offline and free.

Dashlane is free with a paid premium version.


So… I would suggest that right now you go and CHANGE your passwords!  Change them up DON’T use the same password for each account!