Have You Applied for Internet Reimbursement?


Have You Applied for Internet Reimbursement? 

This is just a quick reminder that if you haven’t yet applied for your internet reimbursement, you still have time to do so until April 30th. RCOA will reimburse 60% of internet service provider costs incurred directly by a family for the academic school year Sept-June, up to a maximum of $300 per year, for K-9 qualifying, enrolled families.

You will need to include a current copy of your internet service provider invoice and a void cheque if you haven’t previously provided one, so the money can be deposited into your bank account early July.

You can access the form under the Forms tab in the header of your OTIS account. Scroll down to Other Forms (K-12) and the form is at the bottom of that list.


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FULL: K-9 Enrolment

LIMITED CAPACITY: 10-12  some courses are full
contact info@rcoa.ca before filling out an application

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OPEN: Registered Home School Applications to be processed Sept 15th-30th