Guest Article: Testimonial

Although we choose to homeschool for many different reasons, we likely all have one thing in common: we want to have a voice in our child’s education. Over the years I homeschooled our eight kids for various reasons and in various ways. We hand-carried curriculum into a village in Africa and wrote what we didn’t have. We enrolled in distance education in more than one province, hired our own teacher, and even ran a school for homeschooled children. In every situation, I both loved and hated the journey.

With Regent Christian Online Academy, I finally settled and actually put down roots. I may spend half my year overseas, but I am firmly attached and in every single way Regent makes it work for me. They hear our circumstances and make it work.

And then, in the midst of everything running smoothly, my teenager began to question my role as her teacher. Our quiet chaos turned into angry havoc, and the peace of our household daily fell apart. In total and utter frustration, I wrote an email and said I was un-enrolling said child because this just wasn’t working. The response I got SHOCKED ME. It shocked me because instead of trying to convince me to stay, or explaining away my hardships, the response I received was this, “How can we help? How can we make this work for both of you?” Together we came up with a solution that Regent provided, giving us exactly what we needed to cultivate independence and ownership within my boundaries and desires.

The single, most unique thing about RCOA is their number one goal is to bring honour and glory to God as they follow His path. And that, right there, makes RCOA a flexible, changing, solid and reliable support to each and every family enrolled. They are an oxymoron in the making to the Glory of God!

YOU have a voice at Regent. Whether it is about community classes, planning, or preferred methods of learning, your voice is welcome.

Together we will cross that finish line as we seek to serve Him in the educating of our precious children.

In Him, Wendy Reaume
RCOA Parent


Editor’s Note:
Here are your ‘point of contact’ team members:

  • K-7 families – Your Home Learning Support Teacher (HLST)
  • 8-9 only families – Your child’s homeroom teacher
  • 10-12 families – Our senior program advisor, Monica at