Gr. 8-12: Rich Academic & Social Learning Opportunities

I have had the joy and privilege of watching the numbers increase as you, our wonderful families, sign up for classes and clubs in OTIS. As I scan lists, update information, and add new programs from time to time, I pause and pray for each of you: our students, families, and teachers. We have been reminded again and again that this is God’s school, and we each serve Him, shining Jesus. Let’s make the 2020-2021 year amazing as we grow together in grace and knowledge! We look forward to offering a variety of programming options including the following and more: 

  • LiveStream Gr. 10-12 Study Blocks – weekly supervised study-blocks with STEM teacher Mr. Willie and Humanities teacher Mrs. Hadley

  • LiveStream Gr. 10-12 academic classes such as Anatomy & Physiology, Chemistry, Physics, Pre-Calculus, and Humanities 

  • LiveStream French and Spanish 8/9 classes

  • LiveStream clubs for Math and Science 8/9 plus Culinary Arts and Drama 8-12, all open to enrolled, cross-enrolled, and registered learners

  • Onsite or LiveStream Homeroom Hub 8/9 blended program providing full coverage of English, Science, Social Studies, ADST, and Career Ed.

  • Onsite classes, clubs, and explorations unique to each community, such as Fine Arts, Drama, and Outdoor Education 

See OTIS for details and to sign up!

Some of our programs have already reached or surpassed capacity. Please continue to sign-up in OTIS and we will create additional sections if numbers permit. In other programs where numbers are still low, spread the word as we are a unique online school in our vast array of high-quality direct instructional programs.


Thank you for visiting our site. 
We are glad you did!


We are sorry to inform you that as of October 1st we are no longer accepting applications for enrollment for the 2021-2022 school year.  We strive to provide the best possible support for all of our families, and due to an overwhelming response, all of our resources are at capacity.  

We are still accepting Registered Homeschool Applications (K-12) however as of October 1st this option will require a registration fee.

We don't take it lightly that you reached out to us.  We pray God's best for your family as  you seek other arrangements for your Fall programming.  

Blessings to you as you plan your year



Elementary (K-7)
Program is FULL 

High School (8-12)
Program is FULL

Registered Homeschool Applications (K-12) accepted  but will require a registration fee as of October 1st