From the Pen of Our Principal


Dear Families,

Thank you for being part of the Regent Christian Online Academy family. In the last two weeks, members of our leadership team have traveled to three of our face-to-face locations. We are humbled by the excellence of character, the dedication to home learning, the hearts for Jesus, and the willingness to communicate openly that we witness from you, the parents of RCOA learners. We were inspired by our time with those communities and want to welcome our whole school into the conversation of dreaming for the future.

Collaboration is a foundational value at RCOA. I firmly believe that we are stronger when we work together as school, families, and children. In order to identify gaps, uphold strengths, and improve upon the frameworks we have in place, we welcome the voices of all members of our school. Some of the things we have heard from our teachers include:

  • meaningful relationships and learning is happening in our classrooms
  • beautiful things are happening in the homes of RCOA families
  • they are honoured to have these roles in your families’ lives

From you, our families, we hear:

  • you appreciate your home learning support, high school, and classroom teachers
  • you appreciate the direction and guidelines our platforms provide
  • you value the resources and guidance we offer
  • you find balancing the needs for reporting challenging sometimes
  • our processes aren’t always communicated clearly

I can assure you that each of these messages is important to us and we seek to strengthen what is going well and adapt where needed. To this end, I encourage you to reach out to us if you feel you have ideas about opportunities we could pursue as a school or if you feel there is something we could improve upon.

We are humbled by the way RCOA has grown through the years and we believe God has promised us growth in the future. We are grateful for His goodness to us and for the opportunity we have to partner with you in building a beautiful community of learning for our children. Thank you for sharing your voice and being part of the vision God has for our school.

In Christ,