From the Pen of Our Principal

Thank you for a wonderful school year.  As a community you have demonstrated much support through your prayers, your emails, and your words of encouragement. I am grateful for the interactions we have had that remind me of the joy it is to be in community with brothers and sisters in Christ.  We have journeyed through some tough situations this spring and I have seen how the hand of our Lord has moved through it all. He is so faithful. We are excited about the new school year!  

Educational staff are enjoying a two-week ‘Sabbath break’ to rest, relax, and spend time with families and friends before beginning preparation for the new school year. We will be away from inboxes, phones, FreshGrade, and Canvas from July 11th until July 27th.  

From July 27th until August 23rd, teachers will check their inboxes once per week to ensure that you have what you need to plan for and begin the 2020/21 school year.

In Him,