Foundation Skills Assessment 2019: Go Team RCOA!

As we wrap up our first term, we want to say ‘thank you’ to our families with grades four and seven learners who participated in writing the Foundation Skills Assessments (FSAs) this term. The FSAs are administered at the beginning of grades four and seven and are designed to measure numeracy (math) and literacy (reading and writing) understanding. We are happy to share that we had almost 100% participation this year! Thank you for partnering with us in writing these assessments.

Participating in the FSAs is a Distributed Learning (enrolled) requirement and is an opportunity for us to show the Ministry of Education that DL programs work well AND are a great option for students. While we haven’t received official results, the ‘unofficial’ results are very encouraging and show the strengths of your home education programs. Learners’ results are shared as ‘Emerging, On Track, and Extending’ and a high percentage of our learners were ‘On Track’ or ‘Extending’ in all areas.

Now that the assessments are completed, home learning support teachers will be sharing the results with families. While these results aren’t included in report cards, they are an excellent opportunity to celebrate what is going well and give direction for areas to focus on.

After completing the online sections, learners had an opportunity to provide feedback, and again, the majority of our learners were positive about the process! Here are some of the comments shared:

  • “I really enjoyed everything, but numeracy was really fun.”
  • “I like the stories and math questions because they were fun.”
  • “I really enjoyed moving the questions around, it made the test seem more fun!”

Thank you for allowing us to partner with you in your children’s education. We pray that this has been been a valuable learning experience for all our grades four and seven learners, and we appreciate your help in administering this assessment.


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We don't take it lightly that you reached out to us.  We pray God's best for your family as  you seek other arrangements for your Fall programming.  

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