Face-to-Face High School (8-12) Fees

Thank you to everyone who expressed interest in RCOA’s Face-to-Face (F2F) Classes and Clubs early through the OTIS sign-up. We are excited to note that many classes are already at numbers where we can commit to running them!  However, before we can finalize that the non-refundable registration fee must be paid as this is what secures a learner’s commitment.  Classes need to average 8-10 learners to run.  We can only run a few below this and none will run at less than five learners.  With the exception of Gym Time, classes are typically capped at 15 learners.

The registration fee is calculated at 10% of the course fee totals (a discount for sibling groups will be applied).  This will increase to 15% after Friday June 29th at 4pm and continue to increase by 5% of the course fee the last Friday of the month at 4 pm.  The earlier you commit the more you save!!  Registration fees are an out of pocket expense and Ministry funds may not be used to pay this fee.  You will receive an invoice outlining the registration fees owed for each of your high school children before the end of June.  Sign up will be shut down on June 20th for a couple of days so that our office staff can prepare the invoices accurately.

Registration fees are non-refundable. In the event however, that a club/class is cancelled by RCOA or the location is changed, you will be refunded or credited your registration fee to your OTIS account.

The actual course fees (different from the registration fee) will be billed to your OTIS account at the start of each term: September, January and April.  Overages above PO funding available in your OTIS accounts must be paid at the end of each term.  Red balances will not be allowed to carry into the next term.  Course fees for the year may be paid in full at the beginning of the year for those that desire to do so, however refunds will not be given after a term has started.

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