Elementary Teacher Fall Workshop: Collaboration Time Highlights

Our elementary teachers had the privilege of meeting together in October for professional development and collaboration. We talked, prayed, laughed, and learned together! We feel privileged to be able to partner with you in teaching your children from a uniquely Christian perspective as we ‘grow together in grace and knowledge’.

One thing we discussed is how to incorporate the Ministry of Education Core Competencies.  A large part of the revised curriculum is devoted to Core Competencies: life skills such as the ability to communicate well, to come up with creative ideas and solutions, to consider different perspectives, and to build healthy relationships.  During our collaborative time, we focused on ‘Creative Thinking‘ and reflection activities to use in our classrooms and home visits. One teacher observed that the Core Competencies match what we have taught as Christian schools all along!


We dug into fresh strategies about how a Christian perspective can be woven into what we teach in our classes and our homes. We brainstormed and collaborated on topics ranging from government to the arts. For more in-depth information and ideas for your family’s home learning programs, please visit mYrcoa and take a look at the Christian Worldview planning templates and Christian Worldview conversation starters where we shared some of these concepts.

Our collaborative time also included practical strategies to support you as we visit your homes, connect with you through FreshGrade, and meet with your children in our face-to-face classes throughout this year. We have new ideas and resources to share with you as we navigate this new school year together.

We are praying for you and your families. Thank you for the amazing opportunity to partner with you in your home education journey!