Discovering the Promised Land

Journey with us to Israel March 2019…

  • To embrace God working in our lives by discovering the historical roots of our faith
  • To encourage, serve, and bless the Jewish people as we pray that God will open their hearts and minds to the saving grace of Christ
  • To minister to the largely unsaved local populace through a volunteer service partnership with Bridges for Peace in Jerusalem
  • To build relationships with Arab and Israeli Christian students at Nazareth Baptist School and serve the local community through various volunteer service projects

We are nearing our September 15th deadline in determining whether our missions trip to Israel 2018-19 is a go.  We are very excited about the learners who have already committed to joining us on this life-changing journey to the Promised Land.   We need 12 students to commit to going and we are so close – just two spots away!  If participating in this mission’s opportunity is something that you have been contemplating, please reach out to me ( with any questions.  We desire to join you in prayer that God would make His will known to you in regards to this trip.

Please spread the word to any grade 11 or 12 learners that you might know would be interested.  We would love to hear from them! Thank you for your continued prayers as we near the final hour and may God’s Will be done.

I’m including a few links for you to have a look over:

Interview with Mark & Carolyn Langley on Recent Trip to Israel

My [Lauren] perspective

General Overview & Itinerary

An experience like this is worth the expense because it creates a massive exclamation mark on much that has been taught at home, at school, and in our church community.  It takes all the words and books and sermons and creates a visual and experiential feast such that our young people really “get it”- sometimes for the first time in their/our lives. Past teaching comes together in a very practical and full life-on experience bringing scriptures to life.


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