Capturing Community Class

By Kevin Laser, Assistant Director of Community Classes

Community classes are a great place for students to engage in hands-on learning activities. Throughout the year I’ll highlight several community classes. They are all similar yet unique.

In Chilliwack, Language Arts is the focus for Term One. Each class is reading short stories, poetry, or a novel. The K/1 class is doing an author study on Mo Willems. During the first week, they enjoyed getting-to-know-each-other activities. Poetry is the focus of the Grade 1-2 class. They are having lots of fun reading poems from many famous poets. They are also learning to play the boomwhackers! In Grade 3/4, the students are reading the novel ‘Number the Stars’ about the Danish Resistance from a ten-year-old girl’s perspective. The Grades 5-7 class began the novel ‘Frindle’ which ignited a curiosity in the children for learning new words. For music, they watched a couple of videos about clapping music and made their own clapping song. Each class also has PE each day. This term they are focusing on group and strategy games.

Community classes cover several outcomes for Physical and Health Education, Art, and Career Education. There will be a document available for parents that outlines which objectives in those subjects are included at community classes and which ones should be covered at home. This year all community classes and Outdoor Explorations classes will also cover the chemistry strand of science