Be Strong and Take Heart

“Be Strong and Take Heart…all you who hope in the Lord”.   Psalm 31: 24

Over my 33 years of working in Christian Schools I have noticed that there are perhaps two or three times through the year when the staff, parents and students all need encouragement. This time in November “can” be one of those times. Why is that?

Perhaps it is because there is less and less light, or it is two months into the academic year and you might not have accomplished with your children what you expected so far and Reports cards are coming quickly (Elementary) or have just happened (High School), or perhaps the break at Christmas seems too far away…… or the Advent season seems to be coming at you a little too quickly!! Whatever the reason, I find it is really important for me to re-immerse myself in the big picture.

Why did the Psalmist admonish us all to be strong and take heart? It wasn’t just a “hype” thing or just a positive wish. It was a recognition of Truth. We all feel overwhelmed at times, but the Truth is:

  • God is our Rock of Refuge – vs 2
  • He is our strong Fortress – vs 2
  • He knows our situation – vs 7
  • He is our God and our Deliverer – vs 15

“How great is your goodness which you have stored up for those who fear you.” – vs 19.

So, with me, why don’t you take just a little time to read the whole of Psalm 31 and take a large mug and dip it into His container of Goodness….and drink freely and abundantly? Then, by His Grace and with His help and provision, let’s get back to all that our gracious Savior has for us to do.

Our prayers are for you to be strong and take heart! Thank you for your prayers for us!