ADST in Action!


Kid Food Nation is a website about healthy eating that has video tips, recipes, games and contests for kids who love to cook. I entered a contest where kids, ages 7 -13 had to create an original recipe and submit it to the website. There were no restrictions on the number of recipes that each person could submit. When the contest ended, the judges chose the top 24 recipes based on presentation, taste and creativity. The lucky 24 winners get a round trip flight to Ottawa for themselves and a guest, two tickets to a gala featuring the winning recipes, and one free night at the Fairmont Chateau Laurier!

I created five recipes for the contest: Taco Burgers, Tropical Hand Pies, Fruity Spice Energy Bars, Pizza French Toast, and Beaming Bean Dip with Veggies. When creating a recipe, I take a common dish, and think of new flavour combinations for it. For example, I put taco spices in a burger patty and added salsa and sour cream to make Taco Burgers. With most of the recipes, I tasted them as I went so that I could add / change things.  For example, sometimes I needed to add more spices or decrease the liquid.

I found out that I won after my mom came home with a bunch of groceries and showed me an email, declaring that I had won with Fruity Spice Energy Bars! I was shocked and ecstatic to be a winner of a trip to Ottawa. I am excited for the free night at the very fancy hotel and the gala event with the other winners. While I am there, I hope to visit the Parliament buildings and watch a live session from the galleries, tour the mint and run to Quebec.

I like making up recipes because it is fun to come up with my own ideas and it feels great when they work.  In the future, I hope to keep cooking and creating recipes. I have plans to make a cookbook combining recipes that both my mom and I have created and sell it to raise money for charity.

Isaac recently celebrated his 10th birthday, is completing grade four, and has been a home learner with RCOA for the past five years.  He is full of curiosity and enjoys the time that home learning gives him to pursue his many interests, recipe creation being one.  He loves being outdoors, and can often be found biking, running or playing tennis.